HermesV2 OnLine Demo

New demo site:
The demo uses the new HermesV2 platform with the new Wisa web agent service.


1. Register to the Wisa main page and Sign-up (it's free). Attention: all the accounts and user agents data will be erased every week

3. Access to the Wisa service. (Minimum requirements: Internet Explorer 5.5 or later; Netscape 4 or later; Mozilla 1 or later)
4. Launch the preset agents or a new user agent.
Preset agents avaiable:

WisaAgent : a simple agent that interacts with the User and the Wisa service, usefull to test that every server is running.

RubricaAgent: an agent that requires a telephone number, interacts with AIXO services and returns the name and the address of the number's owner (works only with italian numbers, for example try "0737403400 ").

5. Interact with the agents.
6. Check the results of the agents.